Un tuffo a... New York, Londra, Dublino, Toronto e Sidney...!

 Prima di iniziare lo studio della lingua e della cultura italiana vi presentiamo questo breve questionario: gli insegnanti possono proporlo nelle loro classi per conoscere meglio i propri studenti e i loro interessi.
Per gli studenti principianti assoluti anglofoni, ecco la traduzione in lingua inglese:


Have you already studied Italian?           □ yes           □ no
If yes, where and for how long?________________________________________

Why are you studying Italian?
□ It is helpful to my studies
□ I love Italian culture
□ It is helpful to my job
□ So I can speak to my Italian friends
□ To travel in Italy
□ Other: ___________________

What are your goals?
□ To speak Italian
□ To communicate in everyday situations
□ To read newspapers, magazines, & books
□ To know the language of business
□ To understand Italian T.V.
□ To listen to the radio and songs
□ To write letters
□ Other: _________________

What interests you the most about Italian culture?
□ Art History
□ Italian Cuisine
□ Italian Literature
□ Italian Music
□ Italian Fashion
□ Italian Film

For you, it is important to learn how to…
□ speak and express yourself.
□ write texts and letters.
□ understand when you listen.
□ read newspapers and books.

Which of the following activities do you prefer to do in class:
□ listen and read dialogues out loud
□ listen to grammar explanations
□ listen to music and singing
□ watch films or T.V. shows
□ do grammar exercises
□ read newspaper articles
□ read literature
□ make conversation
□ write letters and compositions
□ write dictations
□ translate literary texts
□ role-playing and games
□ memorize vocabulary
□ Other: ____________________

How many hours a week are you taking Italian lessons?
□ 1-3 hours
□ 4-6 hours
□ more than 7 hours

What is your profession?
□ I’m a student of _________________.
□ Work
□ I’m retired
□ Housewife
□ Unemployed
□ Other: ___________________

Do you have time to study and work on homework at home?
□ yes
□ no
□ sometimes

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